horse showing

Horse Showing

Tuxbury believes your goals are endless... For those riders who would like to partake in some horse shows, whether they are “in-house” or at one of the selected local Hunter/Jumper shows we attend during the course of the year, your experience will make memories for a lifetime.

"In-House" Showing

Periodically, Tuxbury hosts a fun "in-house" horse show for all of our riders in which we get the opportunity as a farm family to spend some time together. We start off with a pot luck lunch and then the cheering begins for all of our students that have been working hard to reach their goals. There are classes for all riders who wish to compete as well as games on horseback for our more experienced riders. Such a great event we always kook forward to!

For more info on our local showing schedule, please contact Jennifer Kee Baker at jkeebaker42@icloud.com or 843-480-2465.

horse shows

What's next?

Riders at Tuxbury that wish to compete at a more competitive level may want to consider our "sister" barn, White Horses Stable in Huger, SC.

White Horses riders and horses, under the competent supervision and coaching of Tash McCarthy, are on the road showing 2 to 3 times a month in venues across the East Coast. Tash's riders have earned many local SC and national USEF achievements and continue to do so. Learn more about Tash and the show team at White Horses Stable at whitehorsesllc.com. You may also contact Tash directly at vitkovic1@aol.com or by phone at 843-367-0312.

horse shows

Happy Horses, Happy People