Tuxbury Farm Boarding.

Boarding Information

At Tuxbury, we offer both stall and pasture board ranging from $550/mo. (pasture board) to $825/mo. (stall board). All horses are fed high quality, low starch feed in addition to timothy or orchard grass hay. Horses are inspected twice daily for overall condition and/or medical attention as part of our daily routine regardless of whether the horse is stalled or at pasture.

Stall & Pasture Board:

Our roomy stalls are equipped with rubber mats, an automatic watering system and individual fans. Stalled horses are turned out daily (weather permitting) to enjoy year round grass pasture with the company of a small group of compatible buddies.

Our pasture board area consists of two pastures both with access to stalls for individual feeding. Central to both pastures is a third pasture which we call the “meeting pasture”. This area is used for rotating the pastures in planting season, for the introduction of new horses, and for isolation of an injured or rehabilitating horse.

We invite you to drop by and visit or call to set up an appointment so we can formally introduce you to our farm and answer any questions.

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